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There is definitely a deal gone bad between this trio but I can specifically tell you that Prince and Prosper are bloody liars!

Advertisement - Mobile In-Article. This kin one fit scatter person marriage! And he mentioned they signed affidavit at the time of the arrest. Women cycling nude. For the fact that i don't know any of the parties in this movie, i'll only pick out "what is not adding up" 1 who is NK and how come Shez roomie with ur biggest fan?

Then prosper felt a guilty pang and ended the relationship, chai nursery school rhymes, if you believe this shit then you will believe anything. Angela okorie naked. You've admitted on this blog several times that you cheated with your husband even with a common maiguard. Angela is not a south African citizen and not resident in South Africa so she cannot be granted bail because she is a flight risk, isnt she back in Nigeria now while she still has a court case, will she enter plane and go back to South Africa for another court date.

Also, who dash you CCTV under 24hrs make u look, you be police? It shows both of them are neck-deep in the scam. Only dubious people have the need to handle such cash when you have debit and credit cards!. It's possible that Angela is innocent My own n to sit down look.

Most of the Nollywood actresses are slots. Anyone with half a brain can tell Prince and Proper's versions of events were coherent and add up, while Angela's version was filled with holes. I put it to you that you are very dump. Big booty big tits latina. I don't trust these Nigerian actresses Stella, after reading the letters eke and prosper sent I have come to the conclusion that those guys are lying!

Any loose Igbo woman is a saint in Yoruba land. Retrieved from " https: Life is wicked and people are ungrateful Typical example of what we have as wives. To them, every day is a no bra day as they are ready to do anything to flaunt their mammary gland for public consumption.

Log into your account. You be cheap asewo self. Yorubas are known tribalists in Nigeria and the most promiscous tribe. No doubt Saraphina's boobs are there for all to see and it doesn't appear there is much she could do to hide them. Actor and film maker Prince Eke has released an official press statement in regards to the recent theft scandal involving himself, a South A Cinderella 30 April at As for you Angela, please use your beauty to please God, adultery is a sin.

As for angela, I will advice u to distance urself from men as colleagues and friends. Maheeda The ex-gospel singer, should have headed the 'No Bra Day' campaign in Nigeria, because the mother of one always shares naughty and erotic pictures on Instagram.

I don't even believe dt shez having an affair wif dt boy prosper.

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Dis guys nite ve added one or two lies bt there's an element of truth.

Pls, give them several seats Dem don too stand and leg dey pain dem wella Legache fit make person misyarn! It shows both of them are neck-deep in the scam.

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Retrieved from " https: Majority of yoruba women ve multiple kids for different fathers. Why would they have a reason to gang up against her?

Abeg who angela be wey two guys go frame her up? This shii is just too messy and very embarrassing I miss Lucabree too,memphis very much around and d Hi lady ' Galore seem to have resumed school fully as a crious student,no more commenting!

Who keeps Usd in the house? As 4 d keys prosper live in a 2 bedroom flat accordin 2 d writeup so d room-mate can b in while she drops his own room key d gate not d entire house key. Girl chubby nude. Sometime last year,there was a viral rumour that actress Angela Okorie passed on. Yes, Angela messed up by moving with the wrong crowd but let's be wise in our judgements. Is just I cheap blackmail for leaving him.

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie shared hot new picture, rocking white top and Jean with a black kneel length boot and jacket. I did not cull it because if you already read it there,lets discuss it here. Speaking on her musical aspirations, she explained that she has written numerous songs and would release her album soon, describing music as something that has always been a part of her.

Most of them are part time runs gals. Money money money, I must make am by force. She's also a chronic liar. Penelope menchaca nude pics. He just tarnished this woman's image for nothing. Angela okorie naked. Stella, after reading the letters eke and prosper sent I have come to the conclusion that those guys are lying!

Edimadam feels Angela is not respecting herself well enough as a married woman Something went wrong and her lover decided to punish her or they planned the fraud all along. People that are quick to call God's name and lay curses like 'My God will judge you' or ' oh lord vindicate me and shame my enemies' etc whenever there is a problem are usually found guilty.

No responsible woman would put herself in such position with too many stories. Who is fooling who.

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Most people don't know what they have until they loose it. A lesson she should learn from. Where are all d ofenmanu how una dey spell am? Let GOD judge u. Tickling naked women. Actor and film maker Prince Eke has released an official press statement in regards to the recent theft scandal involving himself, a South A Eze wanyi 1 May at In other projects Wikimedia Commons. My own n to sit down look. Cartoon tits nude Coward whore, get ur Google id out u dont ve to hide under anon to take on Ezewanyi.

I join you talk aunt Stella, na only Eledumare fit save this their wahala. Married woman my ass! Its better when you travel just stay in a hotel. This comment has been removed by the author.

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